Sales Knowledge and Skills

The idea is simple: regular practice of key sales skills creates reflexive sales behavior.

Through the use of the „Drill“ concept, your employees will regularly have the opportunity to improve their sales performance over and over again.

Proven and successful methods

Duration? 60 min.
Way of performing? Online virtual live training.
When? During the working week, in agreement with the client.
Frequency? At least once a week.
How long? Ideally continuously – otherwise, until reflex behavior is achieved.
Number of participants? Up to 12.
Content? Exercise, exercise, exercise.

Training methods? Over the years, Bićanić Consulting has developed several proven and successful methods of training sales skills through exercises 1 on 1, repetition, isolation of targeted abilities and their strengthening, simulation of a sales conversation with video recording, team sales exercises….

You want to improve your sales?


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