Danijel Bićanić

“Sales skills should be viewed as all other skills. Skills that can and must be learned, mastered, practiced, and systematically improved.”

“Sales success knows no secrets, shortcuts, tricks, and progress overnight… Sales success is based on hard and, above all, intelligent work! ”

With these words, Danijel Bićanić, business consultant and sales trainer, summarizes his vision of successful sales.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Danijel Bićanić started his career as a sales trainer in 2003.

  • In 2007, he established Bićanić consulting and, from the beginning, focused on realistic sales education.

  • From 2007 to 2014, he worked almost exclusively as a field sales trainer accompanying salespeople in everyday work in over 60 different industries, attending more than 5,000 B2B sales meetings.

  • Since 2009, Bićanić Consulting has been cooperating with companies from the region (Slovenia, BiH, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Hungary…).

  • Since 2015, Danijel has been working as a sales trainer with fluent knowledge of German and English in the EU market (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Czech Republic…).

  • In the 14 years of Bićanić Consulting’s existence, more than 350 companies have collaborated with Danijel Bićanić on sales business improvement project. In that period Danijel trained more than 10.000 salespeople and held more than 1.500 workshops.

  • He is the author of three books on sales and business skills.

  • He is a Certified Coach (AoEC), Facilitator (AoPL), and SDI Trainer.

Nikola Pauković

Nikola entered the world of B2B sales 11 years ago. He gained professional and sales experience in companies such as Nike and Coca-Cola and then, in Keune Adriatic, began his key development path from sales representative to sales manager position for the professional market in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Always aware of the importance of systematic development of his sales team, he constantly worked with members of the sales team through 1 on 1 training, group training, mentoring, and shadowing, and thus mastered the practical side of internal sales training. Over the years, he has attended a large number of other sales training and seminars, which finally created a spark of interest for the future career of a trainer in B2B sales.

  • He achieved this goal in 2019 when he joined the team of Bićanić Consulting. Nikola is guided by the following idea: to connect the world of real B2B sales with practical sales education that will bring measurable results in the development of sales professionals.

  • So far, Nikola has held training and workshops in the Food&Beverage industry, the Pharmaceutical industry, the Electricity industry, and the Beauty industry.

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