Sales and Change

We will start by paraphrasing the famous saying that “… in sales only change is constant!”. And indeed, when it comes to your sales, it is certainly a very dynamic part of the overall business that does not tolerate stagnation.

Changes are coming faster and stronger today than ever before: changes in customers and clients, changes in the workforce, changes in technology, changes in competition… Therefore, the continuous ability to transform and adapt to change is a key feature of any (sales) business.

Business Transformation

In the last 13 years, more than 30 clients (small, medium, and large companies in Croatia, the region, and the EU), with our support, have transformed their sales business in key areas.

What does our support consist of? Depending on your specific needs, you will choose:

A Training project is a right solution if you want a systematic, customized, and measurable change in some part of your sales business, and especially if a long-term and fundamental change in the quality of your sales force is needed. This approach is based on the following steps:

  1. A detailed analysis (according to Bićanić Consulting methodology) of the current state of your “sales triangle” (sales offer, sales strategy, sales approach) is performed and the potentials for development and change are determined;
  2. Based on the results of the analysis, a timeline of educational activities (training, workshops, field training, counseling…) is formed, which are carried out over a longer period of time;
  3. After the finalization of the Training project, the results of the implementation are measured (qualitatively and quantitatively) and possible further steps and actions are determined, whereby the basic premise of Bićanić Consulting is “the sales trainer must become obsolete”.
Our approach in this area is based on the principles of “The Art of Change“. Click here for more information on this exciting method.

Very often a mere transfer of knowledge and skills is not enough to provide a foundation for change. If the way of thinking, attitude, and perception of your employees do not reflect and do not share the direction, will, energy, and goals of the company itself when it comes to further development of sales business, then no profound transformation or change will be possible.

Through sales force coaching, you want to ensure that the attitudes and thinking of your employees are aligned with the direction in which the company wants to go, while also based on voluntary and active participation and contribution of employees through various coaching methods (Points of You, GROW, Co-active Coaching). The service is provided by our licensed coaches.

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